About Us

In the 14th century, the word “Pagan” appeared in Middle English to describe those who believed in folk magic, simple rituals at home and the presence of the divine in all creation, derived from the Latin, paganus, just meaning “country dweller”. A few centuries later, the word was adopted by the Neo-Pagan movement to mean mostly the same thing, but without the “country dweller” part. Today, “Paganism” describes an extremely diverse group of spiritual paths that share a love for the natural world and a belief in deep interconnections between all things.

What is Pagan Pride Raleigh?

Pagan Pride Raleigh is the Central NC Chapter of the international Pagan Pride Project, a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster pride in Pagan identity, and to eliminate prejudice and discrimination based on religious beliefs, all through education, activism, charity and community.

Our most important activity is hosting our autumnal celebration, the Pagan Pride Raleigh festival. Open to the general public, this festival offers both entertainment and education in the form of a large variety of social, commercial and spiritual activities. Attendees are welcome to join or observe rituals, attend workshops, meet with a variety of local groups, and and much more, all in a festival environment full of vendors, music, and fun.

The Pagan Pride Project, Inc, is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, so your donations are tax deductible.

Our Staff

Many people have volunteered their time and resources to make this event happen.  Here are a few that have taken direct responsibility for key aspects of the festival:

Johnson - Co-Local Coordinator / Web Mystic

I'm Johnson and this year  I am co-LC for CNCPPD with Melissa, Daddio and Brian.   Both deeply spiritual and terribly irreverent, I have followed Pagan paths for about 26 years, which is amazing since I am only 24.  Really.  Honest.
Born in South Carolina, raised here in North Carolina, I strayed from the promised land for about 10 years, working my way up the east coast, finally settling in Maine where I fell in love and got married. Once we had spent about 5 winters in Maine, we realized it was really cold there.  Nine years ago we moved back to NC and will probably stay for a long while.
This will be my fourth year as a co-LC of this, one of the largest and most successful PPD festivals in the world, and I am excited about doing it again this year, with even more attendees, more food donations, more blood donations, more press coverage, and above all, the most fun we can have with our clothes on. 

Tamara - Co-Local Coordinator and Main Information Booth

This will be Tamara's fourth year of managing the main information booth, though she's unofficially run it since before it was a separate booth. Please don't feed her. No matter how cute she may seem, never forget she is a wild animal.

A lifelong Pagan and Witch, Tamara refers to her path as one of a Spiritual Nomad, enjoying the study of many different paths, crafting a very eclectic practice of worship. She has maintained a position on the Church of the Earth Council since 2007, where she teaches classes and workshops and occasionally leads rituals. She is one of the Local Coordinators for Pagan Pride Raleigh.

Majka - Co-Local Coordinator and Volunteers

This is Majka's second year as volunteer coordinator. She attended PPD for a few years before being swept up in the excitement that is being on the core team of PPD Raleigh! Come join us!

Karen (a.k.a. Majka) 
found her spiritual home in Goddess Spirituality about 25 years ago. She studies and resonates with an eclectic mix of modern and ancient ways. She is also a certified Labyrinth Facilitator. She enjoys teaching crafts, collecting Tarot decks, gardening and Doctor Who.

Davyd & Renee - Kids' Activities

This will be Davyd and Renee's fifth year of managing Kids' Activities for the festival.


Laurel - Workshops

Hi, I’m Laurel! I was a Vendor at PPD for many years, have served as Vendor Coordinator, and am excited to be the Workshop Coordinator for the 2014 event.  I moved to Raleigh 19 years ago (does that make me almost a native?) and was delighted to find an active Pagan community.  I’m looking forward to another great year at the Fairgrounds!

And, contrary to the interesting write up which was so graciously provided for me previously, I don’t sparkle. However, I DO like big mutts (and small and medium sized ones as well!). (And I don't look anything at all like this)  

(Note from editor: She does drink, though.)


Brian - Public Relations and Entertainment

I am a Pagan, and have been since I was able to form my own opinions.

I spent my childhood like most, attending a christian church with my family every Sunday. Even more so than some as my family was quite active within their church, and what most would call strong in their convictions as far as raising christian children. However, I was still always allowed to be my own person, which led me to Paganism and other teachings. 

When asked, I tag myself as nothing more than simply “Pagan”. Mainly because that term is the best way to encompass who I am at heart, what I tend to trust in as far as this universe is concerned and the morals that I strive to live by. My family and I have been attending the Central NC Pagan Pride Days for about 9 years now (3 as vendors). In 2012, I started managing the PR for Pagan Pride Raleigh with much success. As with every year, my goal is to bring as much awareness as possible about who we are, the groups that we’re are helping, and why we are celebrating!!


Kristy - Graphics & Printing Coordinator

I'm Kristy from Wake Forest. Since the first time I went to the PPD I wanted to be a part of it. I happen to find Church of The Earth and fell in love with everyone. Now I am able to be a part of PPD as the Graphics & Printing Coordinator.

I have an Associates in Graphic Design, Certificate in Web Design and a Certificate of Completion for The New Horizons School of IT. I have a mini "Sign Shop" in my office with everything I need to make designing stuff possible! Yay Garoffice!


Dodde - Raffles

Hello, I am Cuddles and this is my friend Dodde. She is the one without the glorious eye liner on her face. She can be found at the Raffle Tent again this year, surrounded by amazing and wonderful items that are shiny and want to go home with you. Come check out the goodies and say hi to her.

Deb - Concessions

Living a magical life, I am a reiki master, certified life coach and teacher. I have worked hard to raise my children to live their truth, as I have been blessed to do. I am a Cabot witch of more than 30 years and I have raised my children with a foundation in hermetics and let them choose where to go from there. I have been attending this event since more than a few years ago, and this is my second year as concessions for the event. 


Sterling - Social Media

I grew up in North Carolina (I am not done growing up yet) with my mom, and she's taught me everything I know about the world. I am a reiki master, and believe greatly in the power of words and their impact. Raleigh is one of my favorite places to be, and if everything goes as planned, I will be a part of this event for many years. 
I followed my mom to this event for the first time when I was 8 or 9, and now at sixteen I absolutely adore it and every aspect of it. I am so excited to be a part of the staff for the second year, and the volunteer task force for the third year. Blessed be, Sterling.

Jess - Facilities and Rituals

Jess has perused the books, annals and legends of preceding Kings, and the stories, examples and instances of bygone men and things; indeed it is said that she has collected a thousand books of histories relating to antique races and departed rulers. She has perused the works of the poets and knows them by heart; she has studied philosophy and the sciences, arts and accomplishments; and she is pleasant and polite, wise and witty, well read and well bred.

Bruce - Front Gate and Truck Wrangling

Bruce is pragmatic to the point of fatalism, endlessly broad-minded – no doubt due to his vast experience of roughing it around the galaxy – and possessed of an off-key and often very black sense of humor. He is described as being able to smile in a way that would "send hitherto sane men scampering into the trees"


George - Emergency Preparedness

I came to Paganism rather late in life, but have dived in and not looked back.  I am an ordained minister, and currently a Bard, following the OBOD path (Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids).  I worked for a local utility for 36 years. I have been married to my wonderful wife, Angela, for 32 years and we have three children.