Many authors, practitioners and artisans will be sharing their knowledge and skills in workshops at the festival. All workshops are free, with materials and supplies generously donated by our workshop leaders.
Session 1
1 hour
Witchen Kitchery Runic Yoga, Ariel's Way A Teen's Guide to Finding Your Way
Session 2
1 hour
Fiction or Canon: Finding Spiritual Meaning with Characters Locational Astrology Rune Study Glass Blowing Introduction at Goddesses Design Studio Booth
Session 3
1 hour
Basic Hermetics Working With Land Wights Ghost Hunters, Magic, and Psychics...Oh My!
Session 4
1 hour
Interpreting Lots Traveling Altars - Taking Your Spirituality on the Road Urban Paganism Glass Blowing Introduction at Goddesses Design Studio Booth
Session 5
1 hour
Heathen Songs The Gift of Interfaith Relationships Many Paths, One Spirit
Session 6
1 hour
Introduction into Chaos Magic and Sigils Candle Magic Heathen Community Discussion Panel

A Teen's Guide to Finding Your Way

Saturday 12:00pm Purple

This workshop will discuss how to make your spiritual growth as a teenager and young adult easier.Sterling will share ways to find and follow your truth, as well as how to be consistent and remain spiritual while dealing with those who aren't on the same spiritual path as you.


Sterling has been on the staff of Pagan Pride Raleigh for 4 years, and is proud every day to say she is a part of Pagan Pride. She is a reiki master, and a huge believer in the power of words and their impact.

Basic Hermetics

Saturday 3:15pm Pink

Deb will introduce you to the Hermetic Principles and sho you how to apply them to your magical life.


Deb is a Cabot Witch and has walked this path for more than 30 years.

Candle Magic

Sunday 3:15pm Orange

Learn how to use the Chakras and their corresponding colors, and how to integrate them into Candle Magic for your everyday use.


Deb is a Cabot Witch and has walked this path for more than 30 years.

Fiction or Canon: Finding Spiritual Meaning with Characters

Saturday 2:00pm Pink

Fiction or Canon: Finding Spiritual Meaning with Characters is an introduction to Pop Culture Paganism and pop culture magick including a brief background on each and a session to develop your own connections.


Heather has been walking her path since 2006. She is a high school English teacher and a published poet. She has lead workshops for PPD and Church of the Earth to great reviews and is excited for the opportunity to share a new workshop with you!

Ghost Hunters, Magic, and Psychics...Oh My!

Saturday 3:15pm Purple

Alex Matsuo, founder of the Association of Paranormal Study, talks about the complex relationship between paranormal investigators, religious leaders, psychics, and clients. How do the investigator and the psychic work together to create a productive solution for the client? How do you not taint each other and create false positives in an investigation? If you have interest in communicating with the dead, while collecting data and evidence to support your abilities, then this is the workshop for you.

Alex Matsuo

Alex holds a Master's degree in Theatre Arts from San Diego State University and works full-time as a writer. She is a published author, actress, dramatist, playwright, and the founder of Association of Paranormal Study (APS). Since 2002, Alex has been in the pursuit of knowledge in the paranormal field and actively participates in the paranormal community while corresponding with fellow investigators around the world. She is one of the most sought after researchers and investigators in the field and is asked to speak at various conferences and events on a regular basis. Alex is a published author and host of The Wicked Domain on Live Paranormal which airs bi-weekly on Sundays at 6pm PST/9pm EST.

Glass Blowing Introduction

Saturday 2:00pm - Goddesses Design Studio Booth Sunday 12:00pm - Goddesses Design Studio Booth

This workshop will introduce the beginner to the fabulous world of Lampworking. Working with glass is not simply slumping molten glass into an object. It is shaped with fire and your state of mind. You'll learn how our energy and state of mind have a huge impact on the final forms that lampworking can create.

Jen, A Goddesses Design Studio

"Jen is a 19 year veteran of the fire department and was a fire and life safety educator for 10 years. She has been working with glass full time for 15 years and teaches lampworking, stained glass, glass etching, hot shop and fusing to all levels in her home studio in Raeford, NC. She uses energy flow techniques and will demonstrate how these techniques change the shape of projects. sharing an understanding of how glass changes depending on our energy. "

Heathen Community Discussion Panel

Sunday 3:15pm Purple

Ariel offers a discussion panel to gather Heathens and discuss the community. She will consider where we stand, who and where are the smaller groups and gatherings. What direction to we want to go, how do we foster community and praise the Gods. We are interested in what you have to say and to offer information and guidance. This panel is open to newcomers to the Asatru path and long time practitioners alike.

Ariel Wolfseeker

This discussion panel will be a joint effort with Danny Moses, an elder and cornerstone in the Asatru community for over 20 years, Whitney Tuor who is a wise woman and long time leader, and Ariel, active and eager, aspiring on her path to become a wise woman and guiding soul for the Heathen community.

Heathen Songs

Sunday 2:00pm Pink

Heathen Kids songs and lullabies. Songs and chants for Blot or Sumble,. Come join us to learn some songs that you can add to your spiritual practice and daily life.

Paul Pulley

After 15 years in organized Heathenry Paul runs a monthly Pub Moot and Rune Study as well as Heathen camping trips, Blots both private and Public, and workshops on all thing Heathen. He started his journey with the Runes in 1997, and started teaching the runes publicly in 2012.

Interpreting Lots

Sunday 12:00pm Pink

This is a class on ways to interpret cast lot tableaux. Attendees will have change to cast and interpret a set of toothpick lots they can keep.

Rev Su

Rev Su is an experienced intuitive reader who has designed her own tarot deck and a set of divining lots. She has been giving tarot, rune, I Ching, pendulum and lot readings to individuals by appointment and at public festivals since 2007.

Introduction into Chaos Magic and Sigils

Sunday 3:15pm Pink

"Chaos magic is has the advantage of being very efficacious while allowing for group or individual creative expression. This workshop will cover every step of the sigil creation process: creating a statement of intent, distilling the intent, and charging the sigil. In addition to solitary work, emphasis will be placed on community goals, using community oriented methods of casting the sigils. "

Earthen Mystique

Earthen Mystique is a magical practitioner of three years. A Strategic Sorceress and Chaos Magician, she is also the Assistant mentor Coordinator for the online Learning Annex--an online school for learning chaos magic and other topics where she also teaches. Her magical interests lie in planetary magic, sigil magic, nature/spirit communication, and theurgia. In her mundane life, she studies communication, which has greatly influenced her magical practice.

Locational Astrology

Saturday 2:00pm Orange

Astrology can help you find the best places to live, vacation, conduct business, or go to school. It also gives advice about how to deal with some of the more difficult aspects of where you are now and how to tap into the best the area has to offer. This workshop will also offer comments about the future of the county and the world.

Darrell Steen

Darrell has been a professional astrologer for 35 years and has clients all over the world. He is the author of 'Astrocartography -New Directions'

Many Paths, One Spirit

Sunday 2:00pm Purple

Sunday has been designated as a Family and Friends day, welcoming non-Pagans and Pagan curious (or possibly nervous), and inviting them to join our Festival and learn who we are and what we believe. Join us for a panel discussion to hear personal perspectives of Paganism in general, and Druid, Heathen, Wiccan, Witch, Animist, and Eclectic Pagan in specific.

Johnson & Panel

Rune Study

Saturday 2:00pm Purple

An introduction to the runes of the Elder Futhark covering a reading list, reading style, and how to start your journey with the runes followed by some free reading presented for demonstration purposes.

Paul Pulley

After 15 years in organized Heathenry Paul runs a monthly Pub Moot and Rune Study as well as Heathen camping trips, Blots both private and Public, and workshops on all thing Heathen. He started his journey with the Runes in 1997, and started teaching the runes publicly in 2012.

Runic Yoga, Ariel's Way

Saturday 12:00p Orange

Come learn how to integrate the Runes into your daily spiritual practice using forms created by the body. The forms were developed by Ariel and are different than the yoga forms presented in Thorsson's Futhark that you may be familiar with. These poses are created by our bodies to more fully embody the Runes and take on their energy. You will learn each pose and ways you can make them come alive even more with movement and Runic chanting. You'll go home with a handout so that you can practice the poses and use them in your own rituals and practice. Please bring a yoga mat or beach towel if you have one already!

Ariel and Whitney

Whitney and Ariel have been involved in the local Runic group Hrafn Runa since its beginning last year and have worked together on deepening their understanding of the Elder Futhark through discussion groups, rituals, daily practice and now through the development of Ariel's new system of Runic yoga poses. Whitney has assisted with workshops for the previous two years with Danny Moses, also a member of the Hrafn Runa group. She has been studying the runes for about seven years while on a path of dedication to Odhinn, and has been planning and participating in Heathen rituals and community events for that duration as well.

The Gift of Interfaith Relationships

Sunday 2:00pm Orange

The workshop will explore the beauty and connection received by individuals when they are open to interfaith relationships. Too often folks think they have to give up their beliefs in order to acknowledge others. This is not true. The gift of acknowledging other's beliefs is harmonious and unifying experience available to anyone who is open to the experience. Workshop will include a Zen Buddhist folk tale, some lecture, discussion and small group activity.

Reverend Lois Cavanagh-Daley

Reverend Lois Cavanagh-Daley is an ordained interfaith minister and she is a Unitarian-Universalist by faith tradition. She provides pulpit supply to area UU congregations, she is a spiritual director , and she is active in social justice activities as part of her ministry.

Traveling Altars; taking your spirituality on the road

Sunday 12:00pm Orange

Whether running off to a pagan gathering or on a business trip, we often find ourselves trying to celebrate our spirituality in a place that's not home. In this workshop, we will look at hitting the road while still keeping up our spiritual practice. Can you do effective ritual in a hotel room? Just how much stuff do you have to drag along in your suitcase? We will explore easy traveling altars and creating sacred space in a strange environment with what you can find.

Becky Starr

Becky Starr is an instructor by passion and training with interests in many areas. She is the co-owner of Starrlight Mead, a honey winery in Pittsboro, NC. In the Pagan world, she was previously involved with Carolina Spirit Quest, as a past President/Board Member, and Celebrate the Circle. Becky is an eclectic pagan, seer, herbalist, Priestess of Isis, and lives in Durham, NC.

Urban Paganism

Sunday 12:00pm Purple

In most pagan traditions, our mythologies and symbols rely heavily on the wild outdoors while our daily practice often takes place in towns, suburbs, or cities. We practice our craft in places subject to fire laws and noise ordinances, in view of the neighbors, in places with more roads than woods. How do we adapt our traditions, or find new ones? In this workshop we will talk about: how to practice magic with the materials most often at hand in an urban environment; how to recognize our totem animals; what the urban versions of our most called-upon deities may show up as; how to respect other people's traditions and sacred space in a shared and sometimes crowded environment; and most important, how the magic of earth, air, fire, and water moves through the asphalt, concrete, and steel infrastructure most of us inhabit.

Jamie and Mary Grace

Jamie has been a practicing witch for 36 years. She's had hands-on experience in a variety of spiritual traditions, and her own practice is based mostly on Dianic witchcraft, with a nod to general Craft inspirations such as Starhawk, Scott Cunningham, and Dorothy Morrison. She practices both solitary and coven-based magic, and has experience in teaching and in designing and leading workshops. In the Triangle area, she's been privileged to be part of Church of the Earth and the former Raleigh Fruitcakes.

Witchen Kitchery

Saturday 12:00pm Pink

Join a lively and fun paced discussion on the folklore and the life styles of the Kitchen Witch. "Witchen Kitchery" will grab you from the first word and leave you thinking about what YOU'LL do. We are all Kitchen Witches of some sort! From Beginners to Advanced, there is always room to share and learn! No matter our Pantheon or path, our daily routines are Rituals.

Dena M. Ferrari

Dena is an author who specializes in leaving a Living Legacy for her Grandchildren. Her writing has been included in anthologies and whe has authored 3 Books...with a fourth in the works! Dena has been leading Poetry Magic workshops for Pagan Pride for the past 6 years. This year, a new venue brings new thoughts to the forefront! Come, join with her as we all learn some new tricks! It's a Gathering sure to be enjoyed by any and all!!

Working With Land Wights

Saturday 3:15pm Orange

This is an experience in three parts for working with land wights, nature spirits, vaettir, kami, and anything that can fall into that broad range. Hands-on and discussion segments, and non-specific to any particular belief system. There may be homework, there WILL be cookies ;0)

Snoozepossum Hamilton

Snooze was found under a large rock back in the late 60's and no one ever bothered to put her back. There's not really a degree in Dead Guysology, but she's spent the better part of the last 35-odd years talking to them, or trying to get them to shut up. She's an annoyingly eclectic hedgewitch, critter (psycho)pomp, member of OBOD, and Beerism practitioner. She hates beets and should probably divorce her hair.

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