Blood Drive Swag Bags

posted Aug 9, 2014, 9:16 AM by Johnson Davis   [ updated Aug 9, 2014, 9:16 AM ]
Blood Drive
For this year's blood drive we are making up Swag Bags for the donors that schedule appointments before the festival and we are asking for donations to fill those bags. Here are the details:
  • There will be up to 36 bags to fill, so the best donation would be 36 small items, one for each bag.  You don't have to provide for all 36 bags since we can mix and match to fill bags with different things.
  • Though an actual item has the most impact, a nicely printed gift voucher would be very cool, too, especially for a service to be performed for them at the event.  
  • For now, we don't want to include coupons (discounts, buy-one-get-one, etc) since, no matter how good a coupon is, most people will just see it as a marketing ploy. 
  • You can attach a business card or postcard to your item, plus we will publish you as a sponsor of the 2014 Pagan Pride Blood Drive.

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When do you need the actual items or a description of the items?

We need a commitment with pictures and descriptions before the end of August, so the information can be part of the attendee promotions that begin in September.  As for actually getting the items, the answer is "before the event".  The Blood Drive starts at 10:30am on Saturday morning, just half an hour after the gates open.  Everyone already has a full plate for this, so we would need items to be mailed, hand delivered, or picked up somewhere so we can build the bags the week before the event.  I would say we want them in hand by Friday, September 12th. That way we have a little extra time to deal with any surprises and still have the whole kit ready to hand over to the Blood Drive volunteers when they arrive on Saturday morning around 9am.

If this sounds fabulous to you and you want to get involved then please Contact Us right away!