We are providing limited on premise camping for our vendors only at $20/night for each tent, with up to 4 people per tent.

VENDORS ONLY! This is space for one tent with up to 4 occupants for one night. If you plan to stay both Friday and Saturday night, please buy 2 nights. This is primitive with no power, water or light, just a place to pitch your tent and access to a port-a-potty.

Camping Rules
  1. All the normal attendance policies are in effect. In particular, you take responsibility for your actions, watch your kids, don't bring or consume alcohol, don't bring firearms and curb your dog.
  2. There are lots of folks in houses nearby, so quiet time begins at 8pm. This is NOT an all night party.
  3. There will be no open flames.  Grills and camp stoves may be used for cooking.
  4. The gate is closed and locked at 8pm and reopens at 7am. There will be no entrance or exit until morning except in emergencies. 
  5. Festival staff and our off-duty Sheriff's Deputy can eject you at their discretion if they feel you are being disruptive or breaking the rules.
These rules may seem restrictive, but please understand that our goal is to provided reasonably priced night accommodations for those that need it, and to improve security by having lots of responsible adults there all night.