Booth Agreement and Policies

Here is a copy of the Booth Agreement and Policies for your convenience.  This is provided here only as a courtesy, with the agreement and policies published in the current Pagan Pride Raleigh 2015 Booth Packet taking precedence.

Booth Host Agreement

As a booth registrant for Pagan Pride Raleigh you agree to the following:
  1. You understand that the Pagan Pride Raleigh event is a rain or shine event and understand that as long as the event is officially open, your booth is expected to be open and staffed.  Please have your booth fully set-up and prepared before the gates open and don’t start breaking down until the event day has officially ended. Please note that you may leave part or all of your booth over Saturday night, though we recommend lowering canopies and adding extra tie-downs.

  2. You understand that you are responsible for arranging staffing for your booth and understand that Pagan Pride Raleigh staff is not responsible for providing coverage at any point during the event.

  3. You understand this is an outdoor event in a leased location and changes to your chosen location may be required for unforeseen reasons.

  4. You understand that Pagan Pride Raleigh is an all ages event, so adult items must be well inside your booth, and the presence of adult items should be noted at all your booth entrances.

  5. You understand our festival is not licensed or insured for alcohol consumption or open alcohol containers on the festival grounds. If Pagan Pride Raleigh staff sees you with any alcoholic beverage, you will be immediately escorted off the property and will not be allowed to come back as a vendor in the future.

  6. You understand that no money can be solicited at a free Information booth, which includes sales, donations, love gifts, pledges and any other form of accepting money or the promise of money. If you plan to take money, please pay for a Vendor booth.

  7. You understand that no food or beverages of any kind, not even free samples, can be sold or given away to the public at any booth without prior written permission.  This restriction is due to very complex rules and fees for concessions at the fairgrounds.

  8. You accept full responsibility for your actions.  As an example, we assume you know coffee is hot and will not hold us responsible if you burn yourself with it.  So, be careful, be thoughtful, and be excellent to each other.

  9. As always, Pagan Pride Raleigh reserves the right to refuse or close a booth, without refund, should we feel it detracts from the goals of the Festival in any way.

Those are the basic rules, but we can be flexible. As an example, if you need lots of time to break down, and are afraid you will run out of light if you don't start early, then speak with the festival staff BEFORE you setup. We can try to move your booth to an area where early breakdown will be less disruptive.

Booth Host FAQ for Pagan Pride Raleigh

What time can I setup?

  • Gate 6 opens from 3pm to 7pm on Friday and from 8am to 10am on Saturday for Booth Hosts to come in and setup.

When can I break down?

  • Breakdown begins at 6:05pm on Saturday and Sunday. Vendors must not begin breaking down before that time to avoid distracting from the last hours of the event.  

Where will I be?

  • Final placement is laid out the day before the event.  When you arrive at PPD a staff member will direct you to your spot.

Can I drive my car to my booth space to unload/load?

  • Booths on paved and gravel areas will have access by car during setup.  Booths on grass areas will have a 200' or less walk from car access.

  • If you do bring a vehicle onto the grounds, please just unload/load it and move it out again rather than setting up out of your car or breaking down into your car. Please pack your vehicle with this in mind. If you drive a vehicle onto the festival grounds for breakdown while your canopy is still up, you will be asked to remove the vehicle and walk everything out through gate 5.

Will there be power or water at my booth space?

  • Unless you make special arrangements with us BEFORE the event, there will be no power or water at your booth space.

Can I use my generator?

  • We DO NOT allow generators, so if you need power, contact us before the event.

Do I get a any tables and chairs?

  • You should bring your own table and chairs. We will not provide them..  

Do I get a canopy?

  • You should bring your own shade canopy or tent.  Make sure it fits in a 10x10 area.  This can become an issue since the legs often slant outwards beyond the 10x10 limit.

Can I stop people from photographing my merchandise?

  • If you prefer no photos be taken of your merchandise to protect your artwork or intellectual property, you may post this prominently in your booth and we ask all participants to honor such requests.  

  • Pagan Pride Raleigh is a very public event and we strongly encourage participants to take and share photos of their experience, so there is no way to guarantee your wares will not be photographed short of hiding them.

Can I play music, provide an amplified presentation or burn incense at my booth?

  • Ask permission from your neighbors when using music, incense, or things that will be “shared” with neighboring booths. If you are located near the food vendors, please be mindful of those who are eating and might not enjoy sharing your incense with their meal.

I have a raffle donation.  What do I do with it?

  • Please let us know what you plan to donate, providing an image for our website if you have one.  Email it to

  • Please print a description card to be displayed with your item. Descriptions should be short, but compelling.  A typical pattern would be one sentence each for:

    • Your company/store/craft name and what makes you special.

    • A factual description of the item, including its normal retail price.

    • How the item can be used, magickal traits, special properties, etc.

  • Bring your donations to the raffle tent at the beginning of the festival.

I haven't decided whether to donate a raffle item.  How much are others giving?

  • Raffle items are displayed for about two or three hours before each raffle, then the winners are drawn and the items presented during peak times at the festival.  This is a great way to donate to PPD and get exposure for your product at the same time.

  • Raffle donation retail values have ranged from $20 to $100 each, though one item last year had a retail value of $300. The best choice would be eye catching items unique to your booth.  If you are offering a service, an elaborate certificate and a photo of a happy person receiving the service will be helpful.

How can I help promote the event?

  • On the web site we provide some items to help with this.  Go to then choose the “Promote” side menu item.  There you will find both printable media and images to use in links from your own web site.

  • Talk to your customers or members about the event during these last few weeks to let them know you will be there and to invite them.

  • Post about the upcoming festival and your presence there in newsgroups, mailing lists, blogs and online forums.  An official email will be forth coming.

  • Also on the “Promote” page you will find the official Pagan Pride Raleigh flier.  Feel free to print it and post it or share with local groups that you work with.

I hate my location, how can I get a better one?

  • All locations are assigned on a first come first serve basis.  We cannot change your location for the event this year.

  • Opt to preregister and you can be one of the first people to choose your location for next year. This means if you do not like your location this year, you can choose a location that might better suit your needs for next year.

Who is responsible for Tax IDs or Associated Taxes?

  • Pagan Pride Raleigh is required by law to collect state business registration certificate numbers, name and a physical address from all our vendors. As a vendor, it is your responsibility to obtain and keep all necessary tax id and sales records. You may not be allowed to setup if you do not have a valid NC Business Registration certificate. Please register at

Attendee Policies

These are the policies posted for attendees.  We expect booth hosts to set an example to regular attendees by knowing and carefully following these policies.

Rule #1 - You accept full responsibility for your choices and actions. As an example, we assume you know coffee is hot and that trees have roots, so will not hold us responsible if you trip on a root and burn yourself with your coffee. Be careful, be thoughtful, and be excellent to each other.

Rule #2 - No alcohol or other intoxicants. This is a public venue and we are neither licensed or insured for alcoholic beverages. Besides, being intoxicated makes it more difficult to follow rule #1.

Rule #3 - No firearms, and please take reasonable precautions with other weapons. For example, dull but pretty ceremonial knives and small utility knives are fine, but a sharpened sword, large hunting knife or actual combat knife have no place at this event. And don't run with scissors.

Rule #4 - Curb your dog. All dogs must be on a 6' or shorter lead (no retractable leads), and you are responsible for picking up after them; look for the bag and bucket stations we have set up for your convenience. Please only bring your dog if you are both well socialized and comfortable with large, crowded events. Off lease dogs and their owners will be asked to leave, no exceptions.

Rule #5 - Ask before taking pictures. It is courteous to ask permission before taking pictures of individuals, and honor the  "No Photos, Please" signs on some vendor booths.

When making choices not covered explicitly by these rules, please be excellent to each other!